Magic City Conjure presents


Saturday, Oct 1st

Join us Oct 2nd from 12p-8p for a day of

vendors, readings, food trucks, costume contest,

pumpkin carving contest, gumbo cookoff!

proceeds from conjure fest go to the

Magic City Conjure Spiritual Center

Official After Party Hosted by Electra!

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Let us know if you're interested in one of our contests!

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Crossroads Spiritual Atalanta Moonfire • MK8 Media in Honor of Birmingham Sliders • Glam •  Chris Presley Salon • KW Hoover Realtor: David L. Smith

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Pole Dancing

Glasswalker, Clown & Balloon Artist

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Tarot readings are only $15.

Stop by Iniquities to pay and sign up!

Featured Psychics:

Aleaseya Lore x Lease Magic City Conjure

Aleaseya from The Lore X Lease

I'm Aleaseya from The Lore X Lease I'm a Birmingham diviner which includes (Tarot Card and Oracle reader, Palmist, and Astrology Forecaster.)  I'm a Aborisha in the path of Ifa and Vodun and I work with my ancestors and your spiritual team to get you the best clarity and enlightenment that you are seeking and even a little more! Book here NOW! We have a message for you...

amanda perry magic city conjure.jpeg

Amanda Perry

Hello there Fellow Traveler!

I channel intuitive guidance and emotional support to help you navigate life’s crossroads, shadows, and transitions. 

I work with my guides and your guides to support this process. My divination tool of choice is an Oracle Deck, The Heart of Faerie, by Brian & Wendy Froud. 


Come walk the labyrinth with me.

Atalanta Moonfire Magic City Conjure.jpg

Atalanta Moonfire

Author of "Throwing the Bones Divination for the Modern Practitioner", Atalanta Moonfire is an eclectic witch, currently focusing on Hoodoo and Hecatean Witchcraft.

At 51 years young, she has been pagan since the age of 14, practicing since she was 18, and specializing in divination at age 25. Beginning with Tarot, she now focuses on divination with bones for over 11 years. Always looking to expand her knowledge, she is a Reiki master, Ordained Minister, Spirit Walker, Hoodoo Practitioner, Priestess of the Underworld, and High Priestess of Sacred Moon coven.


She has recently certified in Oracles and Prophecies through Harvard ED. Her goal in life is to expand her spiritual education and help others who share her desire of understanding this magnificent universe in which we live.

Auntie Lis Magic City Conjure Psychic Fa

Auntie Lis

Over 30 years of guiding searching souls to the knowledge of their Ancestors.

Awo Teju Ajala Psychic Fair Magic City C

Awo Teju Ajala

Awo Teju Ajala is an initiated Priest of Ifa.
Through his skilled use of traditional Ifa Dafa and Merindinlogun (16 cowries) divination, he shares the wisdom and advice of the Orisha.

Jason Medium Magic City Conjure.jpeg


My name is Jason and I connect to energy. That may be your energy, spirit energy, angelic energy, guide energy or galactic energy.


I have been actively reading and connecting for the last three years.  My goal is to provide a connection with evidence.


Some may call me a medium but I don’t really like labels. My goal is to connect to you with what ever energy decides to present its self.


Keep in mind energy communication is not dial a dead person but have faith that what and who needs to come through will. I will always give you 100% without censorship. My motto is the more specific the question the more specific the answer.


I am a firm believer we all have the ability to connect and I am here to help.

Jaynie Magic City Conjure Birmingham.jpg


I'm Jaynie, Birmingham native, single mom, reader/spirit channeler. I've had a gift that I picked up on at an extremely young age that sampled psychic abilities in terms of connecting with others on an empathic level, including spirits. At the prime age of 13 I began learning the art of tarot to enhance these abilities while also catering to my calling of helping people through guidance and counsel.


I'm so excited to be a part of the big things coming for Magic City Conjure and to the city as a whole!

meme mcc tarot readings.png

Mambo Baptiste

Mambo Baptiste is owner and founder of Magic City Conjure and a devoted Aborisha. For over a decade she has worked closely with the Orisha, other African spirits and ancestors.

She specializes in hoodoo and delivers the message of the Orisha.

What message do the Orisha have for you?


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