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Atalanta Moonfire at Magic City Conjure

Atalanta Moonfire Magic City Conjure.jpg

July 24 & 25

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

In order to reserve a reading with Atalanta, you must pay half now, and the other half day of event.

This deposit is non-refundable.

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Author of "Throwing the Bones Divination for the Modern Practitioner", Atalanta Moonfire is an eclectic witch, currently focusing on Hoodoo and Hecatean Witchcraft will be at Magic City Conjure July 24th & 25th! Book a time with her today!


At 51 years young, she has been pagan since the age of 14, practicing since she was 18, and specializing in divination at age 25. Beginning with Tarot, she now focuses on divination with bones for over 11 years. Always looking to expand her knowledge, she is a Reiki master, Ordained Minister, Spirit Walker, Hoodoo Practitioner, Priestess of the Underworld, and High Priestess of Sacred Moon coven.


She has recently certified in Oracles and Prophecies through Harvard ED. Her goal in life is to expand her spiritual education and help others who share her desire of understanding this magnificent universe in which we live.

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