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Tarot Reading Birmingham

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Aleaseya Lore x Lease Magic City Conjure

Aleaseya from The Lore X Lease

Available Fridays

I'm Aleaseya from The Lore X Lease I'm a Birmingham diviner which includes (Tarot Card and Oracle reader, Palmist, and Astrology Forecaster.)  I'm a Aborisha in the path of Ifa and Vodun and I work with my ancestors and your spiritual team to get you the best clarity and enlightenment that you are seeking and even a little more! Book here NOW!


We have a message for you...

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Auntie Lis Magic City Conjure Psychic Fa


Available by Mondays & Saturdays

Over 30 years of guiding searching souls to the knowledge of their Ancestors.

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Awo Teju Ajala Psychic Fair Magic City C

Babalawo Teju Ajala

Available by Appointment Only

Babalawo Teju Ajala is an initiated

Priest of Ifa.

Through his skilled use of traditional Ifa Dafa and Merindinlogun (16 cowries) divination, he shares the wisdom and advice of the Orisha.

Please call Magic City Conjure in order to schedule a reading at

(205) 868-3512

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Mambo Baptise is owner and founder of Magic City Conjure and a devoted Aborisha.

For over a decade she has worked closely with the Orisha, other African spirits and ancestors. She specializes in hoodoo and delivers the message of the Orisha.

What message do the Orisha have for you?

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Raeco Dalzell is gifted in Reiki, energy work, a centuries old Japanese alternative healing therapy used to bring balance in your Chakras, body and mind. She's hands on style helps her feel connected to you in a whole body experience customized for bringing balance and wholeness to her clients. Naturally a Empath her whole life, she brings you a calming spirit within you as well as a lot of positive energy to help you through well-being for your mind.

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