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Astrology Readings With Cosmic Throne 

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Tevin El, Cosmic Throne, is a certified astrologer, specializing in Vedic Astrology. As most people are familiar with Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology is a more ancient practice dealing with 27 constellations within the 12 zodiac signs. The calculations of the planets are based on where they actually are in the sky, rather than 23 degrees ahead. He received his certification from Magha Vedic Academy with Kapiel Raaj as his instructor. This journey began with a simple question, “Who am I?” Determined to find out what this life is really about, he began to study astrology and learn exactly who he is and his divine purpose, why people act the way they act, why certain experiences happen to certain people, and the list goes on and on. With over five years of experience, Tevin dives deep into your natal chart to give you precise clarity on your purpose, relationships, obstacles, and finances. Let's take a look at your higher self through the cosmos and reveal your divine path.

Please call Magic City Conjure in order to schedule a reading at

(205) 868-3512

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