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Bath Salts

Aches & Pains – soothing muscle relief

Air – improves divination, memory, concentration, visualization, etc.

Cleopatra milk – beauty

Chicomecoatl – Mexican hearth goddess who brings abundance

Doves blood – heals a broken heart

Earth – attracts $, increase stability, augment creativity, promote fertilitiy

Evil eye – protection

Fire – bring strength, courage, passion & lust

High road – self esteem

Jupiter – growth both spiritual & physical

Moon – addresses emotional side

Mars – invigorate sex organs

Mercury – rules nervous system, respiratory & communication

Pluto – subconscious, sex drive

Sun – induces optimism, boosts self worth

Saturn – structure, grounding and staying focused

Uranus – opens third eye, creativity

Venus – reproductive system, strengthens libido

Water – improves intuition, brings love, promotes healing

Bath Salts

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