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Wood Betony – labiatae

  • folknames – betony, jousewort
  • uses - protects against evil spirits and disease


Woodruff – rubiaceae·

  • folknames – sweet woodruff, woodruff, woods master·
  • uses - a commanding and ruling herb


Wormwood – compositae

  • uses - protects from accidents, summon helpful spirits


Yarrow – compositae

  • uses -protects from wounds, makes one brave


Yellow Puccoon – ranunculaceae

  • uses - a powerful guardian and healer when added to any moji hand


Yellow Snakeleaf – liliaceae

  • folk names – dog-tooth violet, rattlesnake violet, serpents tongue, yellow snake-leaf
  • Uses -  Step enemies from mentioning your name, Protect from back-biting or meddling in-laws

Herbs Wo-Y, Grab & Go Bag

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